Why should a hand knitter need a knitting machine?

Before my baby was born, I was never interested in knitting machines. I didn’t even know how they look like. I like knitting as I like the tactile experience.

Then my baby came and I had almost no knitting time left. The few knitting time I had I was knitting exclusively baby things in stockinette stitch using fine yarns. Not exactly what I would like to knit. But I needed those clothes for my fast growing baby. Then I’ve got my first knitting machine, a much dated Brother KH 830 standard gauge machine. It suits my needs perfectly. The knitting machine does the boring stuff and I could finally knit something more interesting. I’ve since then taken up designing again.


Machine knitting

I have received my Brother KH830 knitting machine two weeks ago. I didn’t know anything about knitting machines and they seemed pretty complicated. I have read some articles on the Internet but the terminologies sounded so unfamiliar. I didn’t even know what parts ought to be come with the machine. Despite so I took the risk to buy a used one. In the worst case, I can resell it.

Overall I am very happy with the machine. It is not complicated at all. I have already made a baby sweater, a baby body, a scarf and I am making an adult cardigan. All in two weeks! All of the items are in plain stocking stitch but it is still so much fun. I love designing knitwear and actually stocking stitch is my all time favorite. I love plain but well shaped garments. I still have not tried the ribber as I still have to replace the sponge bar.

If you like designing knitwear, I absolutely recommend to buy a knitting machine. You can test your idea so much quicker. Don’t believe in all the learning curve warnings. A non-computerized knitting machine is just like your mechanical hands that knit at incredible speed. All you have to do is to push back and forth the carriage and occasional do some shaping with the transfer tool. Then there are always your needles to do the bind off and finishing (I find it faster to do them on the needles than on the machine).

Like most knitters, despite that I don’t collect a stash, I still have some yarns sitting around the house that are not so attractive to get me invest the time to use them. A knitting machine solves the problem. I made a toddler scarf in less than 10 minutes using some gifted yarn, a great free Christmas gift.


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