What does that mean?

If you are new to knitting patterns, you may find some phrases not so intuitive to understand. So I have rewritten some of them in plain English, hopefully you will find them useful.

. . .

You are working flat (or working back and forth) when you are facing the right side on one row and facing the wrong side on another row.

You are working in the round when you are always facing the same side of the knitting. It is great if you hate to purl.

Work X rows even – Continue to work in whatever stitch pattern you are working for X more rows.

If you are working it Stockinette stitch, assume that you are working flat, you will continue to knit on the right side rows and purl on the wrong side rows for a total of X more rows.

Cont in patt as set
– This is similar to “work X rows even”, you should keep on working in whatever stitch pattern you are using. Typically there are some shapings occuring at the same time, that’s why you don’t see the word “even” here.

Ending with a WS row – The last row worked should be a wrong side row.

Work even until piece measures X cm / Y” from CO – The designer means BLOCKED measurement! So if your pre-blocking gauge is 23 rows and your post-blocking gauge is 24 rows and that the piece measures X cm, it means that it will measure X * 23 / 24 cm after blocking. Keep your hand-held calculator handy!

Work as for Left Front – Reuse the directions for the Left Front, usually it has been written generically so that it works for both the Left Front and the Right Front. This is DIFFERENT from “reversing all shaping”. Don’t worry, I never use “reversing all shaping” in my patterns. It is too confusing for most beginners.


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